CrowdStrike Virtual Racing FRIENDS AND FAMILY LEAGUE
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What is Sim Racing?

Meet us at the track — the virtual track!

Join the CrowdStrike Virtual Racing League or Hot Lap Challenge and connect with your colleagues in a competitive, fun way. Battle your co-workers in a simulated sportscar time trial, or try your hand at driving a virtual version of George Kurtz' CrowdStrike/AWS Mercedes-AMG GT3! All CrowdStrike and AWS staff and family, are invited to participate in this online game series, presented in partnership with GT World Challenge America.

Watch or Race: Join the Friends and Family virtual racing league!

CrowdStrike Virtual Racing League events on Assetto Corsa Competizione livestreams will be shown here.

Who Can Play?

All CrowdStrike and AWS employees and their families, plus invited guests, are eligible to sign up and play the Assetto Corsa Competizione simulation racing game on their home equipment.

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Why Sim Racing with Assetto Corsa Competizione?

CrowdStrike is the Official Internet & Cloud Security Provider of SRO's global race series. When the race season was put on pause, SRO started the GT Rivals e-sports league with real racing drivers, including CrowdStrike's own. Called GT Rivals, the simulated racing league allowed for teams and drivers to continue to work together with a competitive spirit in the off-time ... and helped us grow closer together when we had to be far apart. Now, we have the opportunity to extend this program to CrowdStrike and AWS friends and family via the Virtual Racing League. Join the fun!

League Racing Schedule (All times Pacific)

Hot Lap Competition
PC and Console. Make the best lap time to win!
Final lap times due at 7pm
CrowdStrike Cup League
Race against Hot Lap winners!
PC Only. Must be qualified to enter.

Hot Lap and Cup competitions, explained

Hot Laps

"CrowdStrike Virtual Racing Hot Lap Challenge"


This Time Attack style challenge seeks the best lap on a specified circuit and conditions across all platforms – PC, PS4, and Xbox.


  1. Visit Discord for the current week’s Hot Lap Challenge
  2. In Single Player Mode, select Hot Lap under game mode
  3. Under Weather & Track Conditions, insert weather conditions shared in Discord
  4. Run your fastest lap!
  5. Screenshot your laptime and post it in the Discord


"CrowdStrike Virtual Racing Cup Powered by AWS"


Want to race wheel-to-wheel with other competitors? Join the CrowdStrike Cup League and battle in today’s top GT3 machinery on world class circuits. You’ll go head-to-head for Overall bragging rights and class wins based on your experience level. League racing is for PC only competitors.


  1. Register
  2. Visit Discord for server information
  3. Select Multiplayer in-game
  4. Click Server List
  5. Enter ‘SERVER NAME’, press enter
  6. Join via PW provided in Discord

Join the Chat Room on Discord

Join our chat room channel on Discord for racing communications before, during and after each race. Join drivers' meetings, share game and rig setups, and get feedback from sim racing pros to get ready for your next race. Important: Please sign in using your full name (no acronyms will be admitted).

Race Results

The leaderboard for the Hot Lap challenge and Cup series will be here!

1. Player 1
Starting Position
Finishing Position
Mercedes-AMG GT3
2. Player 2
Starting Position
Finishing Position
Acura NSX
3. Player 3
Starting Position
Finishing Position
Ferrari 488 GT3

GT Rivals Cup Racing