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2022 SRO GT World Challenge America

GT World Challenge America Powered by AWS is the premier destination for GT3 racing in North America. The headline category allows competitors to challenge for overall wins with dedicated Livestream and TV broadcasts in a new and exciting two-driver, 90-minute format.

Don’t let the name fool you – GT3, more commonly called “GT” racing, is the top tier in SRO racing. Though these cars are based on production road car models, they have the highest performance of any GT World Challenge global race series. Car marques like Acura, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche compete against one another on the top tracks in North America. The performance of all GT cars is regulated (Balance of Performance or “BoP”) to make the cars as equal as possible and prevent one manufacturer from becoming dominant in the class.

Each GT race has two drivers per car for a 90-minute race against multiple classes, depending on the team’s mix of full-time Professional (“Pro”) drivers and part-time, Amateur (“Am”) drivers. George Kurtz (Am) and Colin Braun compete in the Pro/Am class, meaning they both drive, separately, in the same race. Either the Pro or Am driver will start the race, bring the car in for a full-service (fuel, tires) pit stop midway through the race, and the other driver will finish the race from there. All of the other teams are doing the same switch at around the same time – the pit stops and driver changes create an exciting race within a race! 

There are two GT races per weekend. See the schedule page for details!

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