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The TC America Series is a touring car racing series based in the United States. It is managed by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation and sanctioned by the United States Auto Club. It offers an entry-level to top-tier level of Touring Car racing with marques like Honda, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Mazda, Subaru, Mini and Alfa Romeo. All TC cars are based on showroom-stock counterparts, similar to the car in your garage, but each class offers increasing levels of modifications for speed and performance. The performance of all cars is regulated (Balance of Performance, or “BoP”) to make the cars as equal as possible and prevent one manufacturer from becoming dominant in the class.

Each class races at the same time in a TC America Series Race:

TCA Class Cars: An affordable, ready-to-go racecar based on its showroom counterpart, plus modifications like a roll cage, race suspension, brakes and electronics. 

TC Class Cars: These cars have more power than the TCA class and feature some components from the faster TCR class. 

TCR Class Cars: The top level of TC racing, with special bodywork, higher-end racing modifications, and components to make the most competitive cars in the series.

Data analyst and successful racer Kevin Boehm joined the CrowdsStrike Racing efforts in 2020, competing in the HPD Civic Si in the TCA category winning six races plus Rookie of the Year and Team of the Year. A well-known name in the Honda racing world, Boehm’s keen research and development skills are respected and valuable for the entire racing program. Boehm’s move to the competitive TC class under DXDT Racing serves to further his passion for the spirit of racing.

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Kevin Boehm

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