CXO Summits

CrowdStrike, in partnership with AWS, hosts special events for C-level cybersecurity summits where speed is most evident: at world-class race weekends at the best tracks around the globe.


A unique networking experience

Succeeding on and off the track takes relentless innovation, extraordinary feats of engineering, and a team equipped with a shared sense of responsibility.

By invitation only

Cybersecurity leaders gain priviliged insight into the teamwork, speed, and technological innovation of top race teams, in partnership with CrowdStrike

Privileged access

Get access to hospitality suits, scheduled pit lane access, and driver appearances, subject to race weekend parameters, and even hands-on-wheel driving experiences at select races.

A meeting of minds

We discuss how security transformation must occur before the effective digital transformation of a business.


Carlos Fernandes

"These types of events I think are critical for any security leader. We all think that we're fighting the same battle by ourselves, when in fact we're all in a community fighting the same battle together."

CXO Summit Experience

Crowdstrike Racing : Win As One.

Speed is the common element in both cybersecurity and racing, and is of critical importance when staying ahead of rapidly-evolving threats, on and off the track.