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CrowdStrike Virtual Racing League

Connect with your colleagues in a competitive. fun way with the Assetto Corsa Competezione sim.

Sim racing with CrowdStrike

Who can race?

All CrowdStrike and AWS employees, their families, and invited guests, are eligible to sign up and play the Assetto Corsa Competizione simulation racing game.

Why race?

CrowdStrike's global workforce can connect with one another on the track, enjoy some friendly competition, and get a better understanding for the real-world tracks CrowdStrike Racing competes on.

How to race?

Players will use the ACC sim on their personal, at-home equipment, which can be downloaded from Steam. Special CrowdStrike Racing liveries will be provided for a selection of cars. Check out some setup resources.

CrowdStrike Cup Virtual Racing League

Car & race gallery

Custom liveries designed by racing designer Andy Blackmore plus in-game shots of recent races by Joshua Chin.
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